The Wallows’ “Tell Me That It’s Over” has a unique modern indie rock sound

This is The Wallows’ second studio album and fifth project as a band


“Tell Me That It’s Over” was released on March 25, 2022.

Ryan Dallas, Writer

The Wallows are an indie rock band who started their music career just a few years ago in 2017 with their first song “Pleaser”. In 2018 they released their first EP, Spring. They made music previously under another name, and their older music is no longer available to the general public.

They then released their first album, Nothing Happens; it featured songs such as “Are You Bored Yet?” (which went viral on TikTok), “Scrawny”, and “Remember When”. Then they released an EP in 2020 titled Remote. They took about a year and half off before starting the era of Tell Me That It’s Over.

The band consists of three members who say they have been best friends since age 12.

The first member is Dylan Minnette, an actor known for his famous roles in Goosebumps films in the 2010s, 13 Reasons Why series as main character Clay Jensen, and the new 2022 film Scream.

The second and third members are Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston.

The Tell Me That It’s Over Era started with a single that is the title track of the album I Don’t Want to Talk. The phrase “tell me that it’s over” is repeated many times throughout the song, and the song proves perfect to start this era off. Both the song and album title are unique and cohesive.

The opening track “Hard to Believe” was obviously what I first listened to when the album was released. It’s an exciting start to a fairly good album.

Their track titled “Especially You” was the second single released for this album, and it definitely deserves to be a single. This song stands out so much — from the unique beat to the melody to the lyrics. This song is my personal favorite song from the album.

The last single, “At the End of the Day”, was a disappointment to me. I was expecting a fantastic track to hype up the album even more, and in my opinion, it fell flat and wasn’t memorable in any way.

But despite the small letdown, this album was a good listen, and I definitely recommend it if you are into indie rock/pop. It has more of a hardcore sound compared to Spring EP and Nothing Happens, but I really enjoyed it’s uniqueness.

I would rate this album a solid 7.5/10. It has flaws that are noticeable in some songs, but it’s a good listen overall.