Student reranks Rolling Stone ranking of Harry Styles music

Released by Rolling Stone, this ranking is entirely out of order in my opinion


Spenser Leise

I disagreed with the ranking Rolling Stone released.

Noel Major, Writer

Rolling Stone news came out with an article ranking songs produced by Harry Styles from number one to number 30. All of his original songs along with a few covers that he’s done in the past were ranked.

As a avid fan of Harry Styles, I disagree with this list — here’s why.

The author ranked “Sign of the Times” as Harry’s number one song. Yes, “Sign of the Times” is a beautiful song, and I personally love it, but it is definitely not his number one song. He has tracks that are more intricate.

After ranking all of Styles’ songs myself, I ranked “Sign of the Times” at number 19. It isn’t bad by any means, it’s a great listen, but is it his number one song of all time? Definitely not.

On Rolling Stone, “As It Was” came in at number two. In my personal ranking, “As It Was” was number eight. It’s a really good song, and it’s hands down one of my favorites, but Harry has proved him talent more than in “As It Was”.

In both of our rankings, “Cherry” was in the top ten. Rolling Stone ranked it number three, and I ranked it number nine. A very good song, definitely worth a listen.

Rolling Stone then rated “Kiwi” as his fourth best song. Do I love “Kiwi”? Yes yes of course I do. But is it in his top five best songs overall? No. I ranked it as number 12.

The same thing goes for “Falling”, which was number five. I ranked “Falling” as his 13th best song.

Rating all of Styles’ songs was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do as a huge fan of his. I love all of Harry’s songs so much, and they all contribute to his amazing success, talent, and career.

Nonetheless, my top five are as follows:

“Girl Crush” at number five. There is so much emotion and passion in this cover, and when he performed with just a guitar, the rawness and realness really made me love it.

“Anna” at number four. I literally love everything about this track.

My number three is “Medicine”, which is self explanatory. This is an incredible song.

Number two is “Fine Line”. “Fine line” is so meaningful and just a beautiful song overall.

Finally, my number one favorite song is “From the Dining Table”. I love this song so much — it’s by far his best songs. It represents his talent as an artist and has a great sound.