Success in an AP class starts with preparation

AP class tips and tricks to be successful in class and on the exam


Angel Villalobos-Rivera

Ms. Sandoval’s AP Psychology students work in class.

Ana Carrillo, Editor

Taking an AP class can come off as overwhelming, but when students understand how to handle the workload and other difficulties that arise during the course, AP classes can be much simpler and less stressful.

As a student who’s taken AP courses, I’ve learned strategies that help out.

  • Keep a list of work to get done; stay organized

When homework is assigned or you do not complete particular assignments in class, develop a list of things to accomplish. Keeping track of the workload is very beneficial.

  • Don’t miss class

Attendance is always essential, but especially in AP classes. Being there and active in actual class activities can help you have a better comprehension of the content.

  • Take notes

Don’t expect to easily recall everything the teacher has lectured on. Take notes on the most significant topics that you feel will help your learning process run more smoothly.

  • Do the readings

This is critical. Following the readings is extremely helpful, it will help you better grasp the lesson content. Making time to read the content that was assigned will help you retain more of the information.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask others for help

Request additional help. Seek support from your classmates and instructors. Speak out when something is unclear, even if it seems scary.

  • Don’t stress too much about the exam

You have several months until the AP test (if you’re taking it), which gives you plenty of time to study and improve. You will learn so much throughout this period, and you will thrive if you maintain a positive attitude.

  • Always come to class prepared

This assists you in making better use of your time. When you’re prepared, you won’t waste time looking for something you forgot to bring to class or didn’t do.

  • Get enough sleep

This is needed for all classes. You will not operate as well if you do not get enough rest. You will perform better and learn more if you are well rested and ready to learn new things.

  • Make sure to actually understand the material before the test

If you choose to take the AP exam, make sure you grasp the content well before the exam, as you will not have the teacher or anyone else to guide you down the proper path during the exam.

  • Take practice tests

This is a well known and helpful study technique. It’s always best to be prepared, so take a few practice exams. Just knowing what to expect and what to practice more before the real exam is very encouraging.

AP courses are an excellent way to push yourself while also gaining a potential credit advantage for college, so take them seriously and work hard. If you put in the effort, you will succeed; everyone is capable of giving it their all and achieving their best.