Senior pictures and Baby Ads are due this week

Senior pictures are due Nov. 14, 2022, and Senior Baby Ads are due Nov. 15, 2022.


Skylar Whalen

Seven 2022 seniors are shown on the first two pages of the Senior Baby Ads.

The extended deadline for senior photos is today, Nov. 14. Without submitted photos, students in the class of 2023 will not be able to include their professional photos. Instead, their yearbook photo will be from school picture day a couple months or so ago. Students are to submit their photos through email to Ms. Jennifer Lammey

Another deadline regarding photos and seniors is for baby ads. Senior Baby Ads are due on Nov. 15. To submit students can start by going to the Senior Corner on the Mead High School website, or they can go to the Yearbook Company website.

Eventually, students or families will be instructed to fill out their state, school, and the school’s phone number without symbols or spaces (7204943940). Baby Ads can either be ordered online or forms can be printed out and then turned in at school. There are a range of different page formats available. The smallest format, A5, costs about $95, and the full page format costs about $385.

So much has happened at Mead High School: students recently celebrated the community’s veterans at the Veteran’s Day assembly, Shakespeare in Love performed for three days in front of a packed house, and the Unified Bowling team went to regionals. Through all these events, seniors may miss an important deadline that is coming up.