GSA meets every Wednesday during lunch

The Gay Straight Alliance is ran by Mr. Pedro Linsenmeyer in room C138


Angel Villalobos-Rivera

Students eat lunch during GSA

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) meets on Wednesday’s once a week in room C138, near the counceling office. GSA is ran by Mr. Pedro Linsenmeyer, the Mental Health Counselor and Interventionist. The club meets during both first and second lunches.

GSA creates a safe environment for queer students at Mead High. Students can be found hanging out and talking, playing games, eating food, and creating valuable connections.

The club’s purpose is to offer a supportive environment. GSA was also created to tackle issues within these students’ own lives, around the school, and in the world. Linsenmyer said that this “support group [is] for people to talk about challenges they face especially as being queer in this world, because it can be cruel”.

The next GSA meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 16.