Students learn about various career fields at career fair

On Dec. 7, Mead High’s commons and hallways presented career opportunities to students


Dylan Morales

A student in an orange cap learns more about the Construction Industry Training Council.

Mead High School hosted the Career Fair on Wednesday, Dec. 7. During both lunches and B7, MHS hallways and commons were filled with over “50 reps from trade schools, tech schools, the military, community colleges[,] and training providers representing career pathways that don’t require a [four] year college degree,” according to the document sent out by the school.

All the students who came during their lunch were automatically entered into a drawing for prizes. There were multiple winners of the drawing. Some of the prizes included socks, stickers, and other items.

Anything from air traffic control to hospitality were represented.

Ben Medoff (‘24), who is interested in nursing, psychology, teaching, or something “spicy” like art, visited the table for nursing. The tables provided insight into the options that students can pursue after high school. Medoff (‘24) said, “I learned some of the pros and cons about the fields, which was really nice to know. [Nursing is] really good because it feels like you’re actually helping people, but it can also be pretty stressful.” 

Elisha Landis (‘24) is interested in getting a degree in Environmental Engineering from Colorado State University. At the Army and National Guard table, Landis (‘24) learned that “there are multiple different choices and options” for getting an education through the military as well.

Students from all grades were present and learning about career fields.

Malcolm Sofolo (‘26) is unsure of what he would like to pursue after high school. Sofolo (‘26) was interested in learning more about robotics and was particularly drawn to the Innovation Center table.

Jaydon Weaver (‘23) knows that he is interested in welding, so he visited the Aims and Career Development Center (CDC) tables.

Weaver (‘23) appreciated a particular table because students received candy.