Don’t be a no-show to Ho-Co

What is the big deal about homecoming?


Bes Stearns

Savannah Adams gets asked to homecoming by Avery Teeters. Of course, she says yes.

Bes Stearns, Photographer

Homecoming has been an American tradition for 107 years, according to It is an event that is usually centered around kicking the football season off right and is accompanied by a spirit week and, of course, the grand finale of the homecoming dance. So, what’s the big deal about homecoming? Well, the answer is quite simple: celebrating a new school year. The main point of homecoming is to have fun. From asking your boy/girlfriend to the dance in the most over the top way, with flowers and glittery posters, to dressing up to the theme each day during spirit week, homecoming is a blast. Still a little weary? Here’s some tidbits that might help you find the meaning in going to ho-co.

Going with your friends to the dance. Despite popular belief, this dance isn’t just for PDA obsessed teenagers. It’s also a fun activity that you, and your friends can go to. Group dancing, silly pictures, and new memories await you at the dance.

Getting dressed up for the dance gives you a little boost of confidence to start off a new academic year. Looking spiffy won’t only make your outsides sparkle, it will make your insides shine too!

Having a magical evening with your boy/girlfriend is quite nice too. If you haven’t been rejected or have a special someone, homecoming can be an evening filled with slow dancing and new inside jokes… just keep things PG and safe.

You can also start new traditions for homecoming such as going to a specific restaurant for pre-dance dinner, wearing the same shoes or socks every year, and (for those who prefer suits to dresses) maybe wearing the same tie. This can add sentiment to the event and give you something to look forward to doing..

And, come on, guys, it’s high school! You only have four years before you graduate. Making the most of they typical teenage school activities will give you amazing and long-lasting memories and assure you don’t regret anything when you leave for college.

So, really, homecoming is as big of a deal as you make it. If you do decide to ask someone, go for it. Or if you were planning to go alone, take some friends along to guarantee a good time. Just remember to stay safe, be careful, and have fun! Hope you have a blast!