Two passionate volleyball girls make honorable mention for 4A state

Two Mavericks, Quincey Coyle and Hope Borger end the season with pride


Makenzie Morton

Maverick volleyball players advances to state.

According to a tweet posted from Mead HS Athletics on November 20th, Quincey Coyle (freshmen) and Hope Borger (senior), are being congratulated for their honorable mention for an All-state 4A recognition.  

The Mav sat down to talk to Hope and Quincey about their reaction to getting an honorable mention for state. Both girls feel very honored to have the opportunity of getting nominated by leagues and coaches for their mention. “I feel both humbled and happy to have an All-State honorable mention my senior year,” says Hope.

Followed by Hope, Quincy added, “I feel very honored to be nominated for an honorable mention as a freshmen, most of the nominees are juniors or seniors.”

Quincey and Hope are both extremely thankful for their teammates, coaches, family and friends who have supported them throughout their years in volleyball. Although the girls are on Mead High School’s varsity volleyball team and are excelling, it took hard work and dedication to get there.

This year will be Quincey’s fourth year playing volleyball. She started her volleyball journey on a recreational team in sixth grade and by joining the volleyball team at Coal Ridge Middle School as well as a club volleyball team that same year. Quincey continues to play volleyball through the school on the Mead varsity team in addition to being on a club volleyball team. “It took a lot of hard-work and dedication to get where I am today,” she remarks.

Hope started volleyball her seventh grade year at Mead Middle School and joined a club volleyball team her eighth grade year. Because of her passion for volleyball, she took a lot of private lessons along the way to help her get to where she is today. Hope explained that, without the help and support of her teammates and coaches throughout the years and help from family and friends, she would not have succeeded like she did.

Both Quincey and Hope have stayed dedicated and motivated in their passion for volleyball. With all of the help and encouragement from supporters, these girls feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to get where they are today. They are extremely grateful for being able to get an honorable mention for state, and if you’ve seen either of the girls play, you know that their volleyball journey doesn’t end on the Mead High School court.