Need a scholarship?

Easy, personalized scholarships are hard to find, but they are out there


Faith Hale

Scholarships are a difficult thing, but there are simpler options out there.

WARNING: I did look into these scholarships as much as I possibly could, but make sure any scholarships you are applying for are not scams. If they ask you for money to apply for the scholarship or are extremely vague, there’s a chance it isn’t legitimate. So BE CAREFUL! Always look into any applications before applying. Don’t give out personal information or be tricked into paying for the application itself.

As a senior, there is one thing that is going through your mind: scholarships. The time, the energy, the stress. It’s an overwhelming and nerve-wracking topic. So how do you get an easy, work-free scholarship? There is often a long, intense process with essays, bios, etc. involved with getting a scholarship. But I’ve scoped out several different ways to obtain one easily and quickly. 

For one, make sure you check out programs like Naviance and Scholarship Owl. They show you lists of personalized and easy scholarships specifically for you. This would probably be my biggest tip for obtaining scholarships. When they are personalized, you can feel more comfortable with your application.

But if you’ve looked at both of those, and you just can’t figure out any scholarships that seem to fit but are still easy and simple, I have some solutions for you.

1. Courage to Grow Scholarship 

This scholarship gives out $500 every single month to one lucky student who is willing to write a short 250-word explanation of why they deserve this scholarship. The only requirement is a GPA of 2.5 or higher. I know $500 isn’t enough to pay off your college experience, but money is money, and anything helps.

2. Niche $2,000 Scholarship

If you’re looking for a truly work-free scholarship, the Niche $2,000 Scholarship is worth going for. This scholarship has NO essay and NO GPA requirements. All you have to do is enter by Oct 31st of this year (sorry for the late notice!), and you could possibly be drawn to win an easy $2,000 scholarship for tuition, housing, books, etc.

3. CollegeXpress Scholarship

At first, I thought this scholarship was too good to be true. But when I started looking into it, I realized that it seems pretty legitimate. The winner is drawn at random every year, and they must be going into college as a freshman and graduating in the fall of 2020. It does have a list of eligible colleges though, so make sure you check that out.

There are many more scholarships out there that reward people for doing things other than terribly long and complicated essays. If you would prefer to write about a certain topic, research scholarships that have you do that. Or perhaps you are more interested in submitting a video or drawing of some sort. There are countless scholarships that award you for your passions. 

I know that it’s difficult to deal with this topic, but I wish you all the best of luck in your scholarship journey!