Places we can all agree are the worst to work at as a high school student (Humor)

There are four jobs in particular that come with many lighthearted difficulties high school students shouldn’t have to suffer through for $12 an hour


Kaylyn Cartellone

I’m not sure who would actively choose to work at one of these four places in high school.

Some students in high school use this time of their lives to work a job, whether that be on the weekends, throughout the week days, or odd jobs over the holiday breaks. There are many jobs that come with unfortunate assignments, but there are a few that seem to have the worst drawbracks.

To start, we have Burger King. I’m not sure who still eats at Burger King — don’t ask me how they’re still in business. Their nuggets are literally so dirt cheap and rubbery, that I have a hard time trusting them to get anything right when it comes to food. The last time I ate at Burger King was a few years ago. Needless to say, I never plan to willingly go again.

High school students who work at Burger King have to deal with customers cracking jokes about the endless memes made about the business. I don’t think there will ever be a time where the internet doesn’t make fun of Burger King.

How often do middle school customers bring up memes while ordering? Most likely a lot. Doesn’t seem like a very pleasant part of the job.

Speaking of pleasant, let’s talk about chicken chains. I’m personally employed by a chicken chain, and I honestly really enjoy the job for the most part. Chicken chains appear to have a general reputation of being better than other fast food chains. For the most part, I feel like the service and food is better when I eat at chicken food chains than what I see at McDonalds or Burger King.

Chicken chains, however, seem to have a problem with going excessively above and beyond (cough cough Chick-fil-A) with their service for a fast food restaurant, especially since the customers don’t always appear to be super pleasant to work with.

What is it with Karens going exclusively to chicken restaurants? They always seem to be yelling at chicken chain employees about things minimum wage high school students can’t control in those Karen TikToks I see.

With all the “it’s my pleasure” going around, it almost feels like these food chain employees are formally serving their customers $2 sandwiches. I’ve never seen food businesses take treating customers with respect so far. Maybe a little too far.

It seems difficult to feel like a butler at work.

The next difficult place to work at is the one and only Barnes & Noble. It doesn’t seem like the most eventful job. Because… books.

I just feel like it’s a hard job if you are even remotely social. And customers most likely argue about book prices all day long with you, because we all know Barnes & Noble is insanely overpriced. I mean, I guess at the very least you get an employee discount, right? That probably makes the books only double the price they should be instead of triple.

Lastly, is coffee shops in general, specifically Starbucks. Not only do baristas have to learn to make 50 types of different coffee within the first week of working, but they also have the pressure of spelling people’s names right.

Minimum wage is not even close enough pay to sweat intensely from fear after Elon Musk wants to order a coffee for his son.