Jake Paul completely destroyed by comeback songs (Humor)

Logan Paul proves to be the better brother in terms of music


Unsplash—Marcela Laskoski

Jake Paul and Logan Paul are two competing influencer brothers.

Artist Jake Paul and his music “career” were a big hit from 2016-2017. However, his brother, Logan Paul, as well as other creators, tore down Jake Paul’s music career with ease.

Jake Paul made his famous song “it’s everyday bro” in 2017, which garnered 295 million views. However, Logan Paul made a comeback song to Jake’s blow up, called “the fall of Jake Paul” with 285 million views.

The reality is this — “the fall of Jake Paul” was better and had a nicer flow to it. Jake Paul’s “it’s everyday bro” was a plain and unclear song that didn’t have a good beat to match the lyrics. Logan Paul’s song, “the fall of Jake Paul”, completely ruined Jake Paul’s original “hit single”. Logan Paul’s lyrics and flow matched, with an incredible performance and beat for the listener to follow along with.

Logan (age 28) and Jake (age 26) are brothers who started their music career on YouTube. The original reason why the two are not on good terms is because they were both with the same girl: Alissa Violet. 

There are also different combat parodies to many of Jake Paul’s songs, such as a song Jake made, that a teacher responded to. So many of Jake Paul’s originals have been demolished by other people’s combat songs, even when they’re nobody’s. 

Jake Paul has published a few new songs since he last blew up, but he is now a “professional” boxer and making income from that. Since 2017, Jake Paul and his brother Logan got back on good terms and are now best friends.

There were (and still are) people who identify as “Logangers” or “Jakepaulers.” Take this quiz to find out which one you are!

In the end, Logan Paul is the better brother, and he destroyed Jake Paul.