Donating to a charity doesn’t only feel good, it helps others in need (Opinion)

Some may be on the fence about donating time or money to a charity, but it is really worth it


Blake Kline

Charities often go unconsidered, but they’re worry thinking about.

In my opinion, everyone should donate to a charity at some point in their life. Donating money, clothes, time, or even food can help many individuals in need.

Donating to a charity isn’t necessarily donating to people who don’t have money or “wasted their money” on unnecessary things. There are many that may believe giving people “free” money is giving individuals a reason to not work. People oftentimes stay away from donating to those in need because they believe people can’t afford their basic needs because they wasted money on addictions or sluggish habits, thus they don’t “deserve” to receive any help.

But in reality, we should all should try and help those who need it; you don’t  know another person’s situation and what they may be struggling with, nor do you know if you may be in the other person’s shoes someday and may need help as well.

There are many charities you can donate to. Some big ones include the American Red Cross, the American Humane Society, and many more.

The American Red Cross is the first outstanding charity that people can donate to. The American Red Cross has goals of helping the world. Recently, they have helped in areas like Puerto Rico and Alaska after devastating storms. The Red Cross tries to help people in need after natural disasters and help repair the what the disaster destroyed. Donating to this charity makes the lives of others better and joyful after something terrible happens. Everyone should think about donating to this charity if they feel financially stable enough to do so.

Another group worth considering is the American Humane Society charity; this organization helps rescue and save animals. They were founded in 1877 as the first U.S. American humane organization. This is a great organization to donate to because animals in need will be able to get the help they need. This is one of my favorite charities because it makes me proud knowing that animals are being taken care of.

There is also a cancer research institute which can impact someone’s life completely. The Cancer Research Institute funds research on immunotherapy treatment for all types of cancer. Its programs include training for emerging cancer researchers, clinical research, and public education initiatives. The organization puts 88 cents out of every dollar donated toward its programs.

Donating doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars. It’s far from that. Any size of donation is helpful. If you are looking to donate to any of these charities, there are links throughout the article to direct you straight to their website. If none of these feel like a charity you would donate to, there are many other charities looking for donations and help, such as volunteering. Not all are able to donate, I understand that, but if you have the extra money or extra supplies I would highly recommend thinking about it.

I feel accomplished and have a higher sense of pride in myself when I help others. Everyone can feel this way.