Men’s mental health is worthy of discussion (Opinion)

The stigma around men’s mental health can be very degrading and is worth discussing as much as the mental health of women


Kevin Allen

Men feel undervalued and dismissed.

Author’s note: I have six brothers who mean the absolute world to me. My brothers and I recently had a conversation about the stigma around men’s mental health, and my brothers explained to me that they felt like the stigma is very degrading. This conversation sparked my mind and made me want every man, including my brothers, to know that emotions are 100 percent normal and that showing emotions is not equal to any weakness.

For centuries, men have had the pressure of being leaders and protectors. They have been taught to be strong and “suck it up”. Men have had to keep their emotions and feelings intact in order to not show any weakness. 

America’s standards for men have created a culture where the unrealistic standards of masculinity are overpowering and actually very harmful. Men’s voices have become silenced and overlooked by the emotional stigma that these standards have created. 

Every society and culture has its own expectations and norms. The same way you’re expected to tip when you go to a restaurant, men are generally expected to be strong and bold. It is believed being a good man requires providing financially. 

They are taught their emotions should be kept in check in order to be “manly” and strong to provide for their families. 

Men are pressured into being perfect in order to not show any weaknesses.  Men generally are taught this lifestyle and expected to stick with it.

In general, people look at men and see them as strong and masculine—that is until men don’t fit society’s standards. 

When men are faced with hardship and struggles, they are still expected to be tough and oftentimes to “suck it up”. This mindset can lead men to self destruction and harmful thoughts. In a study from the CDC, in 2020, white males accounted for 80% of suicides.

Men’s voices and feelings should be heard just as much as any other person. Their voices are just as valuable as females and deserve the same recognition. 

Men can provide and be manly and still have emotions and feelings. Feelings are totally natural and shouldn’t permanently define a person. Men shouldn’t be afraid to speak out about how they feel because they fear what others might think. 

The stigma around men and their mental health can be very degrading. The constant pressure on guys to be perfect can be very hard. Men should be able to express themselves without any fear. Mens voices need to better be heard and accepted.