Letter to the editor: I feel we should allow girls to wear what they want if they feel comfortable

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I understand that girls shouldn’t have their boobs out, or our shirts shouldn’t be very high, and our butts shouldn’t be hanging out of our shorts, and people should respect that. However, I have a few changes I think everyone would love.

I feel we should allow girls to wear what they want if they feel comfortable. If boys’ armpit hair is out they should be dress coded. Dress code is always directed toward girls, and boys get a free pass? If a girl gets a new shirt and is excited to wear it to school they should feel cool and confident rather than hear boys slut shame her or teachers judge. A girl shouldn’t have to put her boobs away in order to not get raped. The back and shoulders rule is the worst idea I’ve ever heard of. If my back and shoulders are too attractive that the boys can’t focus on school because my back is showing? Whose problem is that? I shouldn’t have to feel that way. I say that the boys need to change their style in respect. I shouldn’t have to change my clothes or have to call my mom out of work to bring me a change of clothes. Boys need to change themselves to have some respect.

There is a certain point when people should cover up and dress appropriately for the weather. It sucks when other people ruin it for everyone and now we have all these rules to follow. As someone with largely sized boobs that are always out and just can’t be all the way put away. I’m tired of boys staring at me all the time because I have some cleavage. Dress code has gotten ten times better since I have been at Mead, but we need to establish some reasonable rules and set the boys right.


Rylee Martinez


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