Mead says goodbye to its Dean of Students, Doug Gordon

Though Mead High Schools Dean of Students, Doug Gordon, is leaving he has a new journey ahead

Mead says goodbye to its Dean of Students, Doug Gordon

Mead High School will have to find a replacement for Dean of Students, Mr. Doug Gordon, though the students and staff of Mead High School know that Mr. Gordon’s shoes are hard to fill.

Mr. Gordon, who had been with Mead High for three years, was offered an opportunity to be the assistant principal at Fort Lupton High School.

“I want to take the next step in my career and have a greater impact on decision making at a school,” explained Mr. Gordon, “as well as work with a more diverse population and help to improve school culture.”

He also added that Fort Lupton High School gives him the opportunity to build from the experiences he had at Mead.

Mr. Gordon is excited to improve and be involved in teacher evaluations, AP and SAT testing, professional learning communities, and advisory implementations.

“My time at Mead has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in education,” says Mr. Gordon.

He would like his students to know that he will miss them and wants to thank them for allowing him to be their Dean of Students for the last three years.

Finally, Mr. Gordon would like to leave with these parting words: “I would not have been able to become an assistant principal if the Mead community, students and staff did not have faith in me. They believed in me and gave me my first administrative opportunity. Most of all, I cannot thank the Mead High School administration enough for their support allowing me to grow as an administrator, giving me the tools to advance my career.”

Although Mr. Gordon will be missed we are excited for his new journey and thankful for the impact he made on Mead High School.