Creative Construction Livens up Hallway

MHS Advanced Drawing students work on tape art to display along west hallways


Senior Ashley Mizer works on her piece.

Kassidy Trembath, Editor in Chief

Walking down the western hallways of Mead High School, although crowded, students have the opportunity to observe artwork that is produced by local peers. If you have gotten the chance to see the tape murals, you understand that there are students here at Mead High School who are very artistically talented. While looking at all the pictures walking down the hall, sophomore Chloe Reed said that “…when I very first saw it, I was a little confused. Asking like, ‘What is this?’ And then pictures started forming and I was like ‘Oh my gosh!’”

Many students walking down the hall may wonder why there is tape on our walls. Mrs. Thomas, who teaches Advanced Drawing (as well as other art classes), said, “it was a good opportunity to have some non-permanent artwork since we had that wall. It was so blank so I wanted to decorate it.” She chose tape as a medium because “I thought if they drew on it, other students would do that too because they might think of it as graffiti.”

Students participating in this assignment were excited to be doing a project like this. Misha Kline, working with partner Hannah Flemming, is creating a wave out of tape. Kline claims that “getting to decorate the school is really fun,” but she also says that “There’s not enough tape to complete the initial design. It’s tall, and hard to reach the top.”

Some even went out and bought specific colors just for this project. The class started out with 55 rolls of tape. After they were finished, there were 36 rolls left, but “Not all of them [were] full, and some kids bought their own… I would say we used about 25-30 rolls to create the murals” said Mrs.Thomas. Students participating in this project were so excited, that they bought their own colors of tape. These tape murals are interesting and are being enjoyed by so many.