Mead hosts first Veterans Day assembly since COVID-19

On Nov. 11, students gathered in the gym to hear from veterans and thank them for their service


Angel Villalobos

At the beginning of the assembly, each of the veterans shared a memory from their time serving.

On Friday, Nov. 11, MHS brought back the annual Veterans Day assembly for the first time since the COVID-19 lockdown.

Veterans Day is a federal holiday dedicated to honoring those in uniform who have served or are actively serving our country.

Mead students and staff spent all week preparing for the assembly on Friday – starting with Mav20, where students spent their time preparing posters to support the veterans.

On Friday, each grade was asked to wear colors to show appreciation to each branch of the military. Freshman were asked to support the Marine Corps by wearing red and gold, sophomores to support the Navy by wearing navy blue and gold, juniors to support the Air Force by wearing blue and silver, and seniors were asked to support the Army by wearing black and gold. Finally, staff were asked to support the Coast Guard by wearing red and blue.

All week, veterans day shirts were on sale in the commons by Student Council. Nearly $2,000 was raised. The proceeds will be donated to Qualified Listeners, an organization that helps meet the needs of veterans.

Veterans were welcomed into the main gym with the posters each Mav20 class made. Some of the veterans being honored were Mead High staff, others community members.

The assembly began with each veteran having the opportunity to share their story. Each story was unique and gave students an insight on their service.

The assembly continued with the choir singing the “Armed Forces Melody”.

Josh Nye (‘24), a member of the choir, described this experience as “heartwarming”. He said it was very special for him to be able to perform and see the veterans’ reactions.

The assembly concluded with the Mead Rotary giving each veteran their very own gift basket.

We have several staff members who are veterans here at Mead High.

Jacob Perez, the Junior Varsity Basketball coach, is a former radio operator Marine, who served in California, Texas, Kansas City  and Colorado. For him, Veterans Day is particularly special because he’s able to recognize and remember those who fought before him. He recognizes those who made sacrifices so large all in the name of protecting the U.S.

Math teacher and Army veteran Mr. Benjamin Holskin said Veterans Day is a time to reminisce about how he spent his time in the Army. He describes these days involved a lot of cleaning.

Social studies teacher Ms. Tina Harris is a former Army Carpentry and masonry specialist. Harris was born on an Army base so she said she felt it was her duty to also be a part of the Army. For her, Veterans Day is about remembering her family in uniform.

Ms. Jennifer Lammey, art teacher and former Navy aircraft electrician, served in San Diego and Brunswick. She has many family connections to the military. Her husband, dad, grandfather, and grandmother are all veterans.

Ms. Nic Wiley, the counseling office secretary, is a former Air Force flight line medic. She cross trained and became a nurse and officer, serving from 2001 to 2011. She describes these years as some of the best and says she “wouldn’t trade it for anything”. She had many opportunities to learn and grow throughout her time serving.