Girl’s brother gets botox like Zac Efron (Satire)

Conversations about the hottest trends were heard at The Cauliflower vegan bar

Satire is a genre of writing that uses humor and exaggeration to address a greater social issue. All comments made in this satire are sarcastic, but are also looking at the reality of trends and social media in society.

At The Cauliflower, a totally trendy L.A. vegan bar, two Beverly Hills natives meet up to discuss the latest news and gossip.

“OMG! Gigi, did you see that rhinestones are so last week?” says Margherita.

“Oh, girl, you don’t have to tell me twice! As soon as I saw Emma Roberts ditching the stones and hitting the shells, I just had to get myself a string of Pukas.”

“Yasss! Slay Gigi!”

The girls discuss more events, and after ordering egg in their ramen, made famous by Kylie Jenner’s totally brilliant mind. Gigi remembers some major have-to-spill tea. 

Gigi’s brother had recently gotten Botox done on his face.

“Yeah, so my brother, Chad Michael, is like such a trend setter. He got a face job a while back, and I saw Zac Efron with the same looking job. Zac totally copied Chad,” says Gigi.

“That’s totes not cool!” says Margherita, trying to comfort Gigi about this outrage.

Later on, the girls found out that Zac Efron had actually smacked his beautiful High School Musical face on his home’s fountain and did not receive any injections to alter his appearance. The only pricey procedure was to remove Zac’s face dent from his granite fountain.