13-year-old Kirra Hart attacked March 16 at sleepover

A 13-year-old girl was tortured in Queensland, Australia by girls her age


Unsplash—Sincerely Media

Kirra Hart was locked in the Grech house.

On March 16, 2023 in Queensland, Australia, 13-year-old Kirra Hart was lured to a sleepover, tortured, and beaten half to death.

Kirra Hart went to a sleepover with three girls: Chloe Denman, Rhynisha Grech, and Shanaya Grech. Chloe Denman repeatedly slashed Kirra on the side of her torso, back, shoulders, arm, and face. It is said that she used scissors, but in the released video footage it looks as if she is holding a knife. Rhynisha Grech beat Kirra with her fists. Grech recorded all of the offenses and abuse targeted towards Kirra. According to Celebily, “[Kirra’s] sister said that she was tortured for many hours.”

There have been no recent updates as to Kirra Hart’s health status. She was taken to the hospital to recover from the injuries inflicted.

On Kirra’s Go Fund Me, she has compiled many supporters. Her mom, Kristen Hart, mentioned how “just the affection [from Kirra’s supporters] alone has been enough to improve her mood and make her feel loved beyond measure”.

The two girls who conducted the torture can be charged with seven years in prison for assault. There are no official reports that the girls have been arrested or imprisoned for their actions.

A member of the public in Queensland has responded to Kirra Hart’s torture by setting Rhynisha Grech and Shanaya Grech’s house on fire. A petition has been started to address the situation on change.org.